Friends of the Library Board of Directors

PRESIDENT:                                                           Sharon Erb

TREASURER                                                          Dave Peterson

SECRETARY:                                                         Nancy Lust

MEMBERSHIP:                                                     Kathy Grunwald

PUBLIC AWARENESS:                                          Loretta Byrne

DIRECTOR                                                            Sharon Jacobson

DIRECTOR:                                                           Bruce Summers

DIRECTOR:                                                           Louise Dalby

DIRECTOR:                                                           Mary Heynis

Non-voting Member:                                          Joan Behm, Library Director


Standing Chairpersons

Book Cart: Maureen Casey

Piggly Wiggly Receipts: Jeff & Joy Veesenmeyer

Books At Home: Katie Gould

Plant Sale: Melanie Werth & Christine Albert

Used Book Sale: Kathy Grunwald, Sharon Erb

Art & Craft Fair: Carla Galler, Registrar